Very good
Mobile Office lets you manage your contacts, emails and calendar as though you were in the office. From one window you can choose between the three options - contacts, calendar and dairy. It's very simple to use with a familiar kind of interface that you'd expect from any manager like this.

You can add a limitless number of contacts, which makes sending emails out much easier and the calendar comes with enough space for the busiest executive. Just click on a day and add appointments. Mobile Office is a very good manager which will almost certainly improve your business life.

Mobile Search is the first complete search application for the Symbian platform. After entering any search string, the native C++ application searches for results in the following areas:

  • Contacts, search is processed in any field
  • Calendar, inclusive notes, appointments and anniversaries
  • SMS in all folders and custom subfolders
  • Email in all folders and custom subfolders, searches in body as well as subject line
  • Notepad 1)
  • complete file system regarding filenames, found files can be viewed in associated application
  • file content of OpenDocument, html,php,xml and txt files, found files can be viewed in associated application
  • iDesk notes, found notes can be opened directly inside iDesk2)

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